The decline of KoGyaru and rise of black diamond

Throughout my research practice of trying to understanding Ko-Gyaru I kept coming across more and more articles discussing the regression in the movement. I guess like any trend it either dies or morphs and develops into something else. When I think of all the different fashion fads I went through I cant think of any of them lasting longer than a year. From fringes to wearing odd socks (yeah that’s right I used to purposefully wear odd socks thinking it was cooler). However this fashion statement and movement of Gyaru lasted over 20 years, which I think is super impressive. Looking more into this decline its not so much a decline but a change.

When the movement began they stood for women and power, standing up against social norms and institutionalisation however as the trend got larger and more mainstream this statement became more materialistic and normal. What the original KO-Gyaru was standing for didn’t exist anymore. The trend became ‘too popular’. It “Became so popular that every store stocked its style loosing its uniqueness and individuality”(universal doll). Tokyo argues it has now become “about marketing an “image” not about anything with substance behind it, “gyaru” is on its way to becoming just another marketing term used to help companies sell more product” (Tokyo

The Gyaru culture has been making a come back through the new unit black diamond. Egg magazine launched a sister publication foxy egg that runs several features on black diamond. “The basic goals of the group are simple – to support each other through shared interests, to make friends, and to promote kuro kyaru fashion and culture both inside of Japan and abroad.” (Tokyo


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